Informations of Liver Health

Urban disease means the sub-health problems of the citizens living in mordent cites, which aries from fast-paced life, sleeping late, irregular rest time, irregular dinning time, insufficient exercises, and other bad living habits. Sub-health problems can be embodied by mental condition, bone ache, appetite and immunity. That is, sub-healthy groups often face the problems like lassitude, poor appetite and immunological deficiency, which may lead to varieties of diseases.


To address this problem, it is necessary to nurse the health of customers so ad to keep urban diseases away from them.


Liver is the in-vivo organ mainly intended for metabolism. It has different functions, including removing toxins, storing hepatin, synthesizing secretory proteins, etc. Liver also produces the bile of digestive system. In medical terminology, Latin prefixes hepato- and hepatic are often used to denote liver or liver-related. Most of hepatic disease show the symptom of jaundice. The reason is that liver is unable to discharge bilirubin continuously, which is therefore accumulated in vivo.


Liver cancer is not necessarily painful. This is because there are no nerve endings in the liver. Some people feel pain until the liver has got bigger and stretched its covering. The covering does have nerves. This pain will be in the upper right abdomen, under the ribs on the right hand side. 


Many people are diagnosed with liver cancer until stage three, it is also because of the reason that we cannot notice uncomfortable of the no-nerve-liver.